Goddess Amman Photos

Goddess Amman Photos

Amman Photos

Amman Photos: Amman is the main South Indian mother goddess, very popular in the village areas of Tamil Nadu, India. Goddess Amman is closely associated with Goddess Parvati and Goddess Durga. Goddess Mariamman is considered by many to be the South Indian Incarnation of Goodess Kali.

Different Names of Amman

There are different names for Amman namely Angalamman, Baligamuki Amman, Bhuvaneshwari Amman, Kalikambal, Karumari Amman, Lalitha Parameshwari, Madhura Kaliamman, samaya puram mariamman, Mookambikai amman, Solai mariamman and so on.

Amman Worshipping Rituals

Amman is mainly worshiped for bringing rains and healing ailments such as cholera, smallpox, and chicken pox. The worshiping methods for Amman are typically non-vedic (meaning non-brahmin priests would perform the poojas) and followed by various folk dancing. Also after the rituals are completed, devotees will be offered with Pongal (a mix of rice and green gram) and Koozh which are made with earthen pots (i.e., terracotta pots using firewood). Also some devotees of Goddess Amman would perform fire-walking rituals. During some festive seasons, it is very common to have mouth or nose pierced along with fire-walking ritutals.

Also Devotees pray to Amman for family fertility issues and to get a good husband/wife. Amman is worshiped as Kula-Deivam (family deity) for many South Indian tamil-speaking hindu families. Typically the family deity worshiping runs for generation-after-generation. Before beginning any important under-taking or family occasions such as Marriages, Child-Births, Baby Naming function, Puberty functions, etc., families visit their kula-deivam to get the blessings.

Goddess Amman – Iconography

amman iconographyGoddess Amman is usually depicted as a beautiful young woman with a red-hued face, wearing a bright red dress. Amman is portrayed with many arms (usually 2 or 4) representing her many powers. Amman is mostly portrayed in sitting position, some in standing position and sometimes just the head only on the ground (e.g., Solai mariamman). One of her hands displays a mudra, usually the abhaya mudra (which wards off fear). Amman has two types of faces – one displaying her pleasant nature and the other displaying her terrifying face with fangs and a wild mane hair.

Amman Photos/Images

Here are the best Amman photos, images, wallpapers from various of parts of India.

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